, Web SecurityNetwork Security, one of the main ways to secure your network is to ensure that only designated users and clients should have access to your network, you have to perceive every client or user and every gadget to prevent potential attackers and aggressors. Security policies must be enforced at the highest level, user and client can have limited access to devices not related to their access clearance.

Web Security
​Web security: programs will control and ensure the user’s web use, it can accept or deny access to malicious software’s, websites of links, all website treats must be taken seriously to protect all users on the site.

Wireless Security
Wireless security: The more things change is the more things remains the same. Remote systems are not as secure as wired ones; webmaster will have to apply strong security measures, installing wireless devices, to avoid aggressors from accessing your devices.

Firewalls and Antivirus
Firewalls, Antivirus and Malware protection: Firewalls has a set of programs to block or allow traffic, a firewall can be programming, hardware or software obstruction between your trusted and unfrusted network.

Malware: is another way to say malicious software programming, infections, worms, Trojans, ransoware and

Some malware will infect a system but remains dormant for period of between a day or servial weeks, a good antimalware program can check for malware that thy to attach the your systems, and frequently track files to prevent or to remove malware and fix damage files.

Our staff consist of Systems engineers with Security Clearance, Full Scope Polygraph, many years of experience working as Senior System Engineers, Software Testers, Software developers, Web master, Computer software developer and Cyber Security experts.

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