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Does SEO gives immediate result:
If you are expecting instant results from your Search Engine Optimization efforts, you most likely will be disappointed.

It takes time before you benefit from the process. Just do it right and sit back and wait, once you have done it right the results will come.

SEO is a never ending process:
If you are thinking of doing a one time optimization to your website to get SEO benefit, it won’t work. SEO is a never ending process, constant updates and improvements will give you better results.

, SEO WebmasterSearch engine algorithms:
They are changing all the time and nobody knows with accuracy what they include, of course some of the ranking factors are well known, but big part of them are still subject of speculations. The best think you can do is to adopt the well known good practices and avoid the things which are rejected by official Google statements.

Who should Create Google Webmaster account:
Every person who as a money making website should set up a Google Webmaster account. Google Webmaster will find useful info about your site’s performance. Some of the metrics are; back links source, site authority, internal links, search queries, website errors, rich snippets testing tool and many more.

Online traffic sources:
Undoubtedly, Google is the biggest source of traffic, but don’t lay all your eggs in one basket, try to find also other sources like the popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Manta, etc. Forums and blogs can also be very good source for targeting traffic to your website. you should do forums and blogs that is related to your niche.

Video content:
Most website will allow you to create a video, you should make good use of that, since videos can be useful for your users and will increase the time people spend on your website. A picture is worth a thousand words, and people accept information that is in a video more easily.

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